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UltraStream V2

20 Mbps / Minimum download speed

Are you tired of being stuck with sky-high cable fees on top of additional monthly charges for renting a DVR for each television in your home? What if you could cut the cord without having to go through major contortions to get the sports and entertainment you crave? No more having to pay for a channel package or sports events.  Powerful and compact, stream live television, online shows, games, and cable at a fraction of your current rates.

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UltraStream V2

  • Picture-in-Picture (4 Channels 1 Screen)
  • Pause Live TV
  • Automatic Updates
  • All New Easy to Use Interface
  • Universal Search Feature
  • Fully Functioning TV Guide

The UltraStream V2 is the absolute best device in streaming. You receive all Live Tv Channels to include all of the sports packages. With the addition of the Free On Demand service, you will be spellbound at the quality of the connections and content.

30-day money-back guarantee