1. Start with your TV and the streaming unit turned off.
  2. Attach the two antennae by gently threading them onto the back of the unit.
  3. Attach the provided HDMI cord to one of the available HDMI ports on the back of your tv. (Make note of which HDMI port you are attached to) attach the other end of the HDMI cord to the back of the streaming unit.
  4. Place 2 AAA batteries in the remote (note the orientation of the +/- of the batteries).
  5. Power on the TV (wait for it to fully turn on).
  6. Turn on the streaming unit.
  7. Some smart TV’s will automatically select the correct HDMI source. Some TV’s you will need to choose the correct source/input using the TV’s remote.
  8. If you are connected correctly, you should see the home screen with the media player in the center and the ultra live TV in the lower right corner.

Please watch the following video after you have completed the steps above after the video.
Please choose “help & tutorials” on the top of the page on the website for more videos.
You will need your access code.

Your access code is located on the bright green sticker inside the packaging on the cardboard insert and on the getting started sheet that came with your purchase (Note: this access code may change from time to time)

There is no need to install the software as this has already been done for you as a convenience and it is also updated. Once you are on the home screen you will need to connect to the internet. Please refer to the getting started video.

Please do not discard any of your packaging as it also contains your permanent username and password and in the event you perform a factory reset or need to clear the data for bug fixes, you will need this information again. It is also located on the bottom of the streaming unit. However, over time can become worn or damaged.


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